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UNCOMMON PERSPECTIVES: Challenge your mind with exceptional knowledge and insight

  • If you believe that the Devil is only a symbol of evil…think again.

    Believe it or not, he is a real being who’s indirectly responsible for all the mayhem in our world, including:

    • The unhappiness in our homes and families.
    • The various crimes in our schools, cities, and workplaces.
    • The unrest among nations that results in war.
    • The corruption in politics, religion, and corporations.
    • The injustice around the world.
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  • More than 83% of people buy homes as a financial investment. But could home ownership have the opposite effect on the average consumer?

    Driven by the American dream of grandeur and prosperity, buyers purchase homes as "smart investments" when actually, the best they can hope to get is zero percent return. More commonly, home owners lose money on the deal, driving themselves even deeper into debt as they pour their hard-earned income into mortgage interests and maintenance costs.

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