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KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Discover the subtle beguiling techniques that Satan uses today to deceive humanity

  • Saved or unsaved, the battle between God and Satan over our souls is not over.

    The skirmish goes on as these two major forces attempt to influence our spiritual destiny for good or bad. Because of this, our certainty about spending eternity in heaven remains anything but a done deal. Satan has his eyes on every one of us, seeking an opportunity to have us devoured (1 Peter 5:8).

    The Devil in Modern Edenreveals how you can remain sober and vigilant as you beat back the forces of evil and make it into heaven safely.

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  • About the book

    Most people believe in God, a supernatural being who created the universe and bestows nothing but benevolence on humanity. Yet daily, we experience life-threatening conditions such as crimes, disasters, accidents, and sicknesses. Does God secretly possess evil within his nature, or is there another being in the universe whose sole purpose is to inspire mayhem in people's lives?

    God proclaimed that the latter is true, and his name is Satan—the Devil. He is treacherously evil, dangerously deceptive, and seeks to covertly control everything within our world. In his book, The Devil in Modern Eden, author Tom Graneau reveals how the Devil scours the earth looking for people to victimize. He is the architect behind political unrest between nations that results in war; the mastermind behind the corruption in politics, religion, and corporations; the manipulator of injustice; and the instigator of various crimes in our schools, cities, and even our homes. No one—Christian or non-Christian—is protected from his evil intentions.

    Will you survive the Devil's pernicious attacks in this life and make it to heaven in the next? That depends on how well you can evade his deceptive tactics to control your destiny. The Devil in Modern Eden not only exposes Satan's diabolical schemes in our world, but also shows how you can defend yourself against the most dangerous personality in the universe.

  • Testimonials

    • "The Devil in Modern Eden takes you on a journey. It starts with detailed descriptions of who Satan is and who God is. A biblical foundation is formed by using many scriptures from the Bible. The book reveals to us how Satan and God's relationship is manifested and developed over time. Some of the author's personal experiences with Satan's attacks are shared along the way. Satan is a manipulative, deceitful, wicked, evil spirit. His ultimate goal is to destroy our life. You will gain an awareness of Satan's influence in our culture, family, churches, and daily lifestyles. At the end of the journey, you will learn how to prepare and use the tools necessary to win the fight against Satan, but most of all the resources that lead you to a wonderful relationship with God."

      — Marceline Rennie

    • "Satan's greatest weapon is deception, and The Devil in Modern Eden exposes the subtle tactics the Devil uses in today's society. This book is a good mix of world and biblical history, and it's laced with scripture references. I particularly enjoyed reading Part III, which highlights the Devil's influence in current world systems, such as publications, film and television, music, and sports. This book challenges the reader to take action, and provides many tips on how to make God first in your life, instead of focusing on concerns about aging, multitasking, finances, and materialism to name a few."

      — Carol Walker

    • "An interesting read. More than food for thought; a plea for Christians to not only understand the devil for who he is and what he is capable of, but also to maintain and rejuvenate your relationship with God."

      — L. Sanders


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