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    How Home Ownership Kept Me Broke

  • Tom Graneau

    Owning a home is an American dream, one that millions are pursuing daily. I imagine the same could be said about people in other parts of the world. However, “Home sweet home” can have a financially empty meaning for people who purchase the property for financial gain. Despite the idea of walking away with some cash, when the math is done, the result is usually disappointing.

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  • goodness-875x912

    Human Goodness: How Good is it?

    You may or may not realize it, but there are two types of standards by which people’s goodness is measured—human ideals and God’s criteria. The one you choose to model will determine your overall success in this life and the next.

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  • lateness 912x875

    “Sorry, I’m late…Again”

    Have you been late for something: A meeting, an appointment, etc.? Of course you have. It happens to the best of us. Unfavorable circumstances such as traffic problems do sometimes prevent us from getting where we need to be on time. But this is not the same as being habitually late for just about everything.

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  • Man praying on the summit of a mountain at sunset with the moon in the sky.

    Can God Be Your BFF?

    If you have a good friend, my hope is that you appreciate the strong interpersonal bond that comes together to create the friendship. I also hope that you place a premium value on the relationship because it’s important. These days, it is not easy to build and maintain solid relationships, considering the speed in which we move through life. The process requires

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  • Question Mark, Business, People.

    The Vanishing Line Between Christians and non-Christians

    Mankind has always struggled with spirituality, not because of the difficulty of accepting a universal God that doesn’t seem to exist, but rather believing that he exists yet deliberately ignoring his rules of morality.

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  • Respect 912x875

    Has Respect Vanished from Your Household?

    Based on the natural affinity that comes together to make up of the family, I have no doubt that you love members of your household, especially your spouse and children. But do you respect them? Before you answer an affirmative “Yes, of course, I respect my family,” you should give some thought to your behavior toward them.

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  • Success 912x875

    “The Buck Stops Here” Attitude Could Be a Source of Spiritual Conflict for Christians

    The world is full of self-driven individuals who want to get ahead in life. Many of them live by certain ideals that seem to propel them to their dreams. Some of the most common ones are: “If it has to be, it’s up to me; I am the master of my fate; I control my destiny; the buck stops here;” etc.

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