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    How Home Ownership Kept Me Broke

  • Tom Graneau

    Owning a home is an American dream, one that millions are pursuing daily. I imagine the same could be said about people in other parts of the world. However, “Home sweet home” can have a financially empty meaning for people who purchase the property for financial gain. Despite the idea of walking away with some cash, when the math is done, the result is usually disappointing.

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  • gods-emotion-875x912

    God: A Deity of Steel and Velvet

    What kind of distinguishing characteristics do you see when you think about God’s nature? Do you see him as a loving being that can’t do any harm to people despite the provocation? Do you see an image of brute force ready to condemn people to hell by their slightest transgression? Or do you perceive him to be a reasonable, tempered being who works patiently with the frailties of mankind?

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  • heaven-875x912

    A Heaven for a Solitary God

    In a previous post, The Origin of God: The Master of the Universe, I indicated that God lived in the dark void that occupied space. He was alone, quiet, invisible, and resourceful. More importantly, he was the central element that held the darkness together. In the solitary life-state, time was of no consequence. There was no beginning, which means that the condition was infinitely established, placing God in a state of perpetual existence.

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  • Giving.

    Blessings-driven Tithing Could Pose a Spiritual Danger for Christians

    Why do you give your time and money to the church? Do you feel obligated to do so? Do you give because you love God and sincerely want to contribute to his kingdom? Or could it be that you give out of fear and spiritual expectancy? If you’re not sure how to answers these questions, you may need to consider the motive behind your giving.

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  • immeasurable-god-875x912

    Jehovah: A God that Transcends the Limits of Science

    The attempt to categorize God by our way of thinking is natural. Since we live in a material world, things make sense to us when they contain substances such as flesh, bones, metal, wood, rock, and so forth. As they pass through our five senses, our brain gives them meaningful shapes and classifications based on the boundaries that we have placed on familiar objects in the world around us.

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  • god-875x912

    The Origin of God: The Master of the Universe

    How do you picture God? Do perceive him to be a being like you and me with flesh, bones, blood, etc.? Does he actually exist? Where is he now? Where did he originate? From the beginning, the Bible provides no specific definition of the word “God.” Yet, the reality of his presence is unmistakably displayed on every page. Biblically, his personality is made up of various attributes that come together to form a complete image. Yet, he remains a mystery to many.

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  • A young woman looking down with worry or concern.

    FEAR and DOUBT Could Improve Your Relationship with God

    Throughout my Christian life, I’ve been told that fear and doubt are counterproductive for an effective relationship with God. The general sentiment is that any individual who expresses theses emotions while in contact with him should not expect to receive anything good from him. This is further echoed in the book of James in the following fashion: “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven

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