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    Turning Boys into Men: A Rewarding Feat for Real Men

  • Tom Graneau

    Turning boys into men is not easy. Among other things, the job requires role models that are worth emulating, which is difficult to find in a violent, demanding, and copout world. Yet boys do not automatically become real men by virtue of size, age, and a high school or

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  • The road to home ownership

    How Home Ownership Kept Me Broke

    Owning a home is an American dream, one that millions are pursuing daily. I imagine the same could be said about people in other parts of the world. However, “Home sweet home” can have a financially empty meaning for people who purchase the property for financial gain. Despite the idea of walking away with some cash, when the math is done, the result is usually disappointing.

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  • Close-up Of Judges Gavel, Soundboard And Bundle Of Dollar Cash On The Rough Wooden Table. Concept For Corruption, Bankruptcy Court, Bail, Business Or Financial Crime, Bribing, Fraud, Auction Bidding

    The Biggest Losers in Life

    We all have our “thing,” meaning a passion that helps frame our identity and gives us the drive to wake up in the morning and do what we want. For some, it is a hunger for money, control, and power; for some, it is Philanthropy; for some, it is the pursuit of fame and fortune; and for others, it is the commitment to a cause or an ideal. Often, these pursuits become the paradigm from which we interpret the meaning of life, and they end up being the source of our motivation.

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    Could Satan and Hell be Closer Than You Think?

    Depending on where you start reading the Bible, Satan seems to appear from nowhere as an independent, self-governing character with a purpose. When he does emerge from his hiding place, his presence can’t be ignored because of his massive influence. Apart from God, he is the greatest force in the universe, and his evil nature presents a challenge for both God and man.

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    Evil: Where Did It Originate?

    If God, whom most people believe is good in every way, was the only being existed before the universe was created, where did evil begin? Previously, I established that God was the first and only being in the universe before the formation of what is known as the cosmic world: The Origin of God—The Master of the Universe and A Heaven for a Solitary God. Based on these renditions, he existed in a dark void of nothingness called space. Later, he decided to create heaven and earth, including the rest of the astronomical environment.

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  • Little girl sitting on a couch and upset with something

    Giving Your Child the Freedom to Express Hostility and Resentment

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    3 Vital Concepts a Child Needs to Learn Before Five

    Good parenting is an extremely important and complex responsibility. It is possibly the most serious and difficult undertaking that any human being will encounter in life. Past infancy or the baby stage, most people have no idea how to handle the challenge. Many with the best intentions have looked back over their child-rearing years and wished they had done things differently.

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